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I am not going to go all Doc Jensen here, but I have to comment on the finale of LOST.  I thought the final episode was brilliant.  I would not change a thing.  Of course, I come at this from a different perspective than your typical LOST fanatic.  I made the decision to at the beginning of the season to turn of the theory noodle cooker and just sit back and enjoy the show from week to week.  While other LOST fans obsessed with trying to solve the sideways universe, I just watched it and noticed little things that didn’t seem to add up (primarily dealing with the timeline).   I was amused.  I watched the transformation of our characters, and I didn’t obsess over answers.  I enjoyed the show from start to finish, and in the closing moments, I was at peace with what I had watched, not just last night, but all year and for the whole six years.  The show was ever consistent, and the ending of the show, with the message of the need to let go of the past to move forward, ended as it began six years ago with Jack in the bamboo field.

I am saddened to know that LOST has come to end.  It is always difficult to say goodbye to an old friend, and LOST, with a wonderful cast of characters, is just such a friend.  It will also be difficult to say goodbye to the many podcasters that have provided wonderful insight into what was presented to us each week like Jay and Jack, Ryan and Jen, Big O, LostCasts, and the rest; the uberbloggers like Kristin at and Doc Jensen at; and the all of the Lost community that made such an impact into enjoyment of the show each and every week.

And with that, LOST draws to a close with a familiar thud.  Goodbye old friend.


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As I write this, it is 6:50 pm in the East, and the festivities surrounding the final episode of LOST will be kicking off in 10 minutes with the two-hour retrospective, followed by the two-and-a-half-hour finale.  This both an exciting and sad time for me.  LOST has been a show that has really captured my imagination.  Not since Babylon 5 have I invested so much in a television show, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and trying to discern the ultimate answer.  Thank you to Damon, Carlton, and the rest of the LOST crew for the wonderful six years of storytelling.  I will miss it.

On somewhat of a sad note, I was supposed to go to Los Angeles for the Jay and Jack finale party.  I had my tickets to the show, but circumstances have conspired to keep me in Ohio.  I was hoping to share the finale with some old friends and about 2,000 new friends, but alas, I will be watching at home.  On the bright side, LOST will be go out on May 23, 2010 just as it entered on September 22, 2004, with me perched in front of my television with great anticipation.